“The Ultimate Routine”?

No doubt about it, this is the routine for transforming your body in record time – without drugs, machines or exotic food supplements. 

In fact, more people have probably packed on more muscle mass using this basic routine than all others combined. 

This is the routine that has taken skinnier types and made them into genuine huskies almost before their eyes. 

It is the routine that has been used by the genetically gifted to become the strongest, most massive men in the world. 

John McCallum called SUPER SQUATS “the best book ever written in the field.”;  Dr. Ken Leistner called it “the definitive book” on 20-rep Squats; and IRONMAN magazine called it “the ultimate routine.”. 

You can call it whatever you want, but this is one routine that really works wonders. 


112 pages.

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