The Conditioning Handbook: Getting in Top Shape by Brian Jones

The Conditioning Handbook: Getting in Top Shape by Brian Jones


If you're asking the question, "Is this the only way to get in shape?" when faced with the prospect of long, slow, distance workouts for building endurance and burning fat, the answer is a resounding no!  

Endurance work is a necessity for many athletes, like football players, strongmen, and martial artists, not to mention those just trying to stay fit, and Brian Jones offers a level of variety you have never seen before, from round offs to bootstrapper squats, duck walks to cone drills, and hurdles to heavy bags.

Not just a pile of unrelated ideas, Brian first lays a concise but thorough foundation of the physiology of training and the general concepts you need to know about putting together effective training programs and workout formats, with many examples.

The exercises are grouped by modalities, like medicine balls, sandbags, agility work, bodyweight, running, antigravity, combat, strongman, clubs and kettlebells, cables and bands, free weights, core training, and finishers. 

The final chapter includes myriad sample workouts and routines. 

Truly an A to Z, top-to-bottom guide, The Conditioning Handbook will inspire you to achieve a high level of endurance - with enjoyment!

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