Hand X Band

Hand X Band

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For every push, there is a pull!

A strong grip is essential in just about every sport.  Numerous products exist to build your grip strength, but you would never think of only training your biceps and never train your triceps. Hand X Band was developed to exercise your extensors, the muscles that open your hand.  Hand X Band exercises the abductors to your grips' adductors and your antagonist muscles to your grips' agonists.

"Research shows that a muscle's contractions will be stronger and more powerful if preceded by contractions of its antagonist (opposing) muscle group." - Jim Stoppani, PhD

"... comprehensively train every muscle group from the elbow down, particularly the forearm extensors - the muscles that open your fingers.  Strengthening these muscles alone will improve grip.  The normal gripping you do holding barbells and dumbbells trains the muscles that close your hand, and as these muscles become more out of balance with the extensors, your nervous system will shut down their development to prevent any greater imbalance." - Men's Fitness. October 2008

Available in Light, Medium and Heavy.

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