Gym Design

Getting a training space right is important to us, but it’s essential to you. It can be the difference between happy customers with space, flow and the right tools or it can constrain a business leaving it unable to support the volume or attract new customers.    

Our sales team are happy to work with you to understand the space you have and your objectives. You bring your ideas and visions and we can bring our experience of what works well, and also what doesn’t. We’ll also need to discuss the technical details of the training space – room dimensions, wall specifications and flooring.   

We can do this remotely or face-face to suit. Out of this we can produce a scaled floor plan or 3D model to demonstrate how your new gym will look and work. If your project includes flooring then we will be happy include that. The type of flooring can dictate what the space will be used for, so a varied training space needs varied flooring surfaces. This not only ensures the most suitable flooring throughout but we can also use colour changes to give each area strong visual differentiation.  

Our ability to manufacture custom pieces is key, we can stretch, shrink or raise equipment and when it comes to keeping your gym tidy we can offer you storage solutions to work with your space and keep it safe and organised.    

Our to scale designs  with flooring, windows, doors and even colour will make it look as realistic as possible. It’s great to see your ideas laid out in this way and this often throws up a few things you might not have thought about. Changing layout or equipment at this stage of the process takes very little time and costs nothing.  

Through this iterative process we help you realise your facilities potential using our combined experience. The key is the right equipment solutions to fit your budget, space and business objectives.