IronMind Super Squats Hip Belt

IronMind Super Squats Hip Belt


This is the solution for everyone whose back keeps him or her from squatting with a bar.  This system puts zero stress on the back and the spine because the weight is supported by the hip structure.

This is also the answer for anyone looking for an extremely safe squatting system (the weight is always under you) and for anyone who is looking for ultimate lower quad development.  In addition, you can use the belt for weighted chins and dips as well as for a variety of calf exercises.

And for powerlifters or all-rounders who are interested in hip lifts, there's no need to worry about whether this belt is strong enough - it holds 3.500 pounds!

This includes a set of Daisy chains so you can adjust the height of the bar.

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Size   Waist
S         26" to 30"
M       31" to 35"   
L         36" - 41"   
XL      42" - 50"    
2XL    51" - 60"

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