Giants Wrist Wraps
Giants Wrist Wraps Giants Wrist Wraps Giants Wrist Wraps

Giants Wrist Wraps

Giants Wrist Wraps is available for purchase in increments of 1

Giants Wrist Wraps are made of extra-thick wide-woven canvas that has elastic properties which will either lock the wrist up when put on tightly or if wrapped in a looser fashion will support but still give real flexibility in events where some wrist movement is needed.

A key area of development for us was to improve on what was going wrong elsewhere. The sea of torn up or snapped wraps in hardcore lifting gym is a common site. Well, these wraps have been designed to withstand extreme forces that will cover the extreme forces that the world’s strongest men may throw at it.

We decided to massively increase the strength of the stitching and make the velcro-strip larger than is commonly seen on other wraps. This adjustment is a necessity in keeping the velcro strongly attached to the wrap for its working lifetime.

Colour: Giants Black and Red.

Size: 24 inches / 61 cm.

Supplied as a pair.

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